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Hurricane Season is getting near, are you prepared?

June 1st is nearing and many of us are still waiting for our insurance carrier to pay for Hurricane Irma. To this date, the carrier has only paid a very small portion of my claim and I have spoken to hundreds of residents that are in the same position Items that you must have and store in a safe place. They are:

1) Bottled water

2) Flashlight

3) Batteries

4) Fill all prescriptions

5) Chemicals to disinfect the living area

6) First aid kit, If possible, a large kit.

7) If you are going to use a portable generator in case of an extended power outage. Then plan a location where it is away from the house, install carbon monoxide detectors in all living quarters. Battery-operated models.

8) Area where the generator will be placed, make sure it can be locked down where it doesn’t grow feet and walk away.

9) Cell phones and chargers, along with backup battery packs. (Amazon) Jockey brand.

10) Family escape plan with a location where everyone will meet in case of separation doing a catastrophe.

11) Evacuation Plan, if you don't leave at least 24 hours prior to landfall, be ready to have enough gas to make it to a safe place. Prior to Hurricane Irma, residents ran out of gas on the turnpike and worse was where it takes 3 to 4 hours to drive to Orlando, it took people over 12 hours. Prepare with time.

12) Pets, need food and water in the amount and days as their owners

13) Plenty of masks and gloves. Covid19 will still be active. Keep a charged laptop and a cell phone with a hotspot available for any online urgent care conference with a Doctor.

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