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Why are Association fees increasing?

Across all of South Florida, Condominium and Homeowners Association fees are increasing, you may be asking yourself why? Here are some reasons why your fee is being increased and there is nothing you can do about it.

1) Increase in Landscaping fees, employees are no longer paid the minimum wage.

2) Management fees, personnel wages, and benefits have increased, along with the exposure to the risk of being sued over maintenance issues. The property managers who carry insurance are now facing increases in insurance coverage.

3) Required repairs cost more due to the shortage of materials and labor.

4) County and City Governments increase in violation fees and liens.

5) INSURANCE: South Florida has experienced insurance increases for Condominiums of over 200% in some cases, that cost is passed on to unit owners.

6) Liability Insurance Increase, slip and falls lawsuits against association have also increased because in many cases Association Boards are not willing or unable to pass a special assessment to fix the properties.

7) Finally, the cost of living in South Florida and a lot has to do with Covid-19 and the procedures that must be followed in maintaining areas clean of contamination have contributed to an increase in operating cost.

There are many other factors that play into why the association fees are

being increased, but the above-mentioned are currently the most popular items affecting unit owners in their pockets.

What can you do to reduce your maintenance fee? We currently do not have any answers and hope that the State Insurance Commissioners step in and slow down insurance increases and our local leaders eliminate or reduce fines and liens and work with associations in helping them get in complaince.

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