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Tree Trimming and Tree Removal required permits

Hurricane season is here in Florida and everyone now is worried about the large tree next to their property. The question is whether to trim or remove the tree? Trees give us plenty of sun protection and lower our electrical bill by keeping the building cool.

If you are going to remove the tree, then you must contact Miami Dade County and get their approval in order to avoid what they call "After the Fact" permits that is very expensive.

Here is the website link for the County Tree permit process:

Call the Miami-Dade County Tree Program at 305-372-6574 for more information on County requirements, including within municipalities, and for work:

  • in County-designated Natural Forest Communities

  • involving mangroves

  • involving trees within wetlands

  • involving trees protected by covenants in favor of Miami-Dade County

  • for removal or relocation of trees on County-owned land or County street rights-of-way

  • for any other work relating to trees within municipal jurisdictions that do not have their own tree protection ordinance.

Prior authorization from Miami-Dade County is required for the above-listed work, as well as for any tree removal or relocations

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